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Tips for Intention Setting ft. Wellness Coach Lauren Atwood

When it comes to carving out time and space to set intentions for the upcoming day, week, month or year, *Lauren Atwood, wellness coach, interior designer and lifestyle blogger, boils it all down to letting yourself be as present in the moment as possible.

If you find yourself struggling with quietness, Lauren wants you to know that"it can also be done in the Starbucks line waiting for your coffee"! "Try to find ways to sneak it in there and the positive effects will change your life."

Here's how she sets herself up for intention setting success:

Get quiet & grounded: Eliminate outside distractions as much as possible. Turn your phone on airplane mode, turn off the TV. Allow yourself some space to just be. (this first step is the hardest, if you're new to intention setting BUT once you try it will change your life).

Breathe: This doesn't need to be long or tedious, getting to the root of your intention means a clear mind. Take a few deep breaths and allow your body to calm.

Focus on you: It can be so easy to focus on other people given our over consumption of media. In this moment how do you want to feel? The easiest way for me if I’m feeling stumped? Start saying words aloud. "I want to feel free, grounded, inspired..." Think on what it is you're setting an intention for, the new year, your day ahead, whatever it is and focus on how you want to feel. Give yourself 2 or 3 minutes in this feeling state.

Write/ Affirm: Now we all know setting our intention once might not give us the effect we want. Making this a routine or regular practice in your life, guiding you back to your intention when life struggles happen is the goal. Continue this practice by affirming your intention aloud or in writing whenever you need. My favorite? Writing my 3 intentions (affirming them into action) each morning and being able to resort back to these statements and saying them aloud whenever I need throughout the day.

I am safe.

I am kind and generous.

I am healthy, and life is flowing.

Thank you for the helpful tips, Lauren!

Get started writing your own intentions at Be Well Fest among other amazing self care advocates and movement professionals who will be able to answer questions and provide guidance right on the spot!

Bio: Lauren Atwood is an interior designer & lifestyle blogger empowering women to live life by their own design. She inspires women with her genuine positivity through daily videos and articles sharing real life. When she isn't remodeling houses with her husband Chris you can find her cooking up healthy recipes in the kitchen or relaxing in the sunshine at the beach. Follow along on Instagram @laurenatwood & @ottercreekhomes for a behind the scenes look at all things life & design.

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