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Planning a Wellness Festival: Q&A with Be Well Fest Founder Kat Cynewski

The second annual Be Well Fest is fast approaching, and we could not be more excited. TBH some days it feels like we just wrapped up our first ever Be Well Fest. It's hard to believe that was almost a year ago! I suppose that’s because when you love what you do, time just flies right by. In moments like this we are reminded to pause and appreciate the amazing community we have created here at Be Well Events.

Speaking of amazing – this week I caught up with our fearless leader, Kat Cynewski, to get the inside scoop on the upcoming festival. You can bet I asked her some tough questions, probed her for her best event planning tips, and tried my hardest to find out all the juicy details about this year’s event so I could share them with you. Read on for the full scoop.

HM: What is the biggest challenge you face in planning a large festival?

KC: One of the biggest challenges for me in planning any event, but especially a large event, is all of the moving pieces. Between emails, meetings, schedules, vendors, talent, marketing… the list goes on, it can be easy to miss a detail or fall behind. With a large event like this, staying on top of it becomes essential.

HM: What is the most fulfilling aspect of festival planning?

KC: Dreaming up ways to inspire and connect people, then seeing your ideas actually come to life. It is the best feeling ever!

HM: Okay, let's talk about this year's event.

When did you actually start planning Be Well Fest 2020?

KC: The wheels started turning after last year’s event, but I solidified the theme and general outline for 2020 while laying at Willard beach in July. Talent search, partner outreach, and location were all started in August and solidified in September. Now it's a lot of fine tuning and communication with all parties involved.

HM:What are you most excited about for Be Well Fest 2020?

KC: I am most excited to see everyone join for the common goal of wellness and self-growth, together in one space. There's something so powerful in sharing energy and watching people come alive with joy and inspiration.

HM: Have you secured any teachers or workshops for 2020 that you are super excited about?

KC: All but one workshop is secured and I'm so excited about them all! The most recent addition that I've added to this year's festival is Cait Scudder, a TEDx speaker, podcast host, and Forbes featured business coach, who will be MC'ing the event! Cait's through-the-roof energy and no BS motivation is the perfect match for our Be Well Babes.

HM: How will this year’s festival be different than last year?

KC: One big change I've made this year is moving to a cozier space with one main stage for the entirety of the day. We will all stay together as one high vibe-ing group instead of breaking out into smaller sessions. This means less confusion on where to go and less scrambling over spots at workshops, however it also means a limited amount of total tickets this year – so grab ‘em quick!

HM: Who helps you to plan such a big event?

KC: I am blessed to have an incredibly generous and talented local network of friends and fellow wellness professionals who offer up time, feedback, tips and volunteer day-of. Without this supportive community that believes in what I'm doing I am sure there is no way I could come close to executing events like this as a small, solopreneur. This year I have Siedah Quirk handling much of the design work, Amanda Fogarty as our Multimedia Coordinator, Chevaughn Kacer working on installation design (hello V Instagramable Photo Booth!) and you ,Holly (that’s me!), on the festival blog and day-of coordination. Last but not least - the amazing businesses I partner with, including some incredible repeat partners from last year: A Family Affair with decor, On Point Calligraphy and Signarama.

HM: What are you working on right now?

KC: Right now, I am planning tours with our studio partners, working on a few design projects - shirts, photo booth, stage, etc., creating material for my marketing calendar, filling up vendor space (4 left!), and planning the two smaller events we have coming up before Be Well Fest.

HM: How will you celebrate once the festival is over?

KC: Sleep like a rock! Then start planning the summer festival we have in the works... that's a secret for now though ;)

Whew! If you know Kat at all, or follow her on Instagram, the pace and motivation described above likely does not come as a surprise. However, you may also know just how much this one woman show prioritizes self-care. With so much on her plate – maintaining her own wellness is a MUST for Kat. It is beyond inspiring to watch her navigate the balancing act of running a business, inspiring others, and taking care of herself. We are so lucky to have her as a community leader, and truly cannot wait to see what she has up her sleeve for this year’s festival. Be sure to grab your tickets before they sell out! See you at the festival, babes.

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