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Leaves are falling, and the PSL life is calling.

Leaves are falling, and the PSL life is calling. Some might say Fall is the greatest season of all....and I'd have to agree. You see, Fall is not just a time for leaves, leggings and lattes (as great as those may be)....

Fall is a time of reflection. A time to look within and focus on what matters most to you. Whether you're feeling thankful, grateful, blessed....or you need a little motivation, let’s go into this season with a mindset sure to set everything off right!

Grounding Wellness Practices for Fall

1. Take a day to pamper yourself....without ANY guilt. Let's take a page (or lyric) out of Lizzo's book real quick. "Woo, girl, need to kick off your shoes. Gotta take a deep breath, time to focus on you..." How often are you taking a lil "me" time?

I'm talking about real self care. Cue cooking a meal you love, putting on a face mask, journaling, organizing your space, going to that yoga class....when was the last time you made YOU a priority? If it's been awhile, here's your permission slip to give yourself that time. You deserve to feel "Good as H*ll"!

2. Spend time outside. I promise, your body will thank you later *wink*. Something we often forget to do is tune into what our body's needs are, and whether we consciously make note of it or not, they thrive in nature.

Just spending a few moments outdoors can help reduce stress, boost your immunity, improve your mood....the list goes on! So, if you're ready to surround yourselves with nature’s greatest....fresh air, grass, vitamin D, then join me weekly for Yoga on the Prom #namasteoutside

3. Make a gratitude list of everything that's happened so far this year. This is one of my favorites. Wanna know why? Because the world takes so much time to dwell on things that are scary or unfortunate, we rarely get to focus on the great things that have happened so far.

The things that made us jump for joy, smile a little bigger and brighter, make our hearts melt....It's those moments we should be cherishing. I highly recommend taking a few moments out of your day to just sit, write and remember all that you have to be grateful for from this year. You'd be surprised about how long your list may be.

4. Give your mom a call....she needs love too (or a family/friend that you have been too busy to call this summer). I don't know about you, but this pandemic gave me all the feels when I realized I wouldn't be able to see loved ones as often. Something about touching base with those I'm close to (or was close to) and asking if they care for a chat, really helped me to feel grounded, as I'm sure it will for you too. A nice check in may be just what your mind, spirit, and heart ordered.

In a world of multitasking, Covid, and craziness, I hope that however you decide to spend your Fall, you find some ways to relax, relate and release. Make sure to take some time to reconnect and feel grounded once again.

Happy Sweater Weather babes!



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