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Incorporating Wellness into Your Day (without it becoming all-consuming)

Here at Be Well Events, we are all about making wellness fun. Our events incorporate more than just movement; we like to add a touch of socializing, silly photo booths, inspirational speakers, and swoon-worthy swag bags. While we fully recognize the pressure to maintain a life of wellness these days, we much prefer to take the pressure OFF and celebrate living well and having fun.

As much fun as wellness can be, it can sometimes feel like a full-time job to maintain good health. Between weekly meal prep, yoga, getting your cardio in, meditating, bi-weekly acupuncture, monthly massage... you’re not the only one who has felt the need to quit your full-time job just to live well. But then… how would we afford our wellness lifestyles? The struggle is real.

As we already mentioned, we believe wellness can be fun; we also firmly believe it can be accessible. Don’t quit your job just yet, and read on to discover how Be Well Babes can incorporate wellness into your day without it becoming all-consuming.

First and foremost – define what wellness actually means to you. What are your personal wellness goals? Are you striving for more movement in your day? Healthier meals? More sleep? Less screen time? Decide what is most important to you and prioritize from there.

Next, figure out your wellness prime time. When do you seem to have the most energy in your day? For many of us, it’s morning, but that may be different for you. Once you’ve figured out when you tend to feel motivated, schedule your high-energy wellness activities during this time. For example, if morning is your prime time - wake up a few minutes earlier and take the extra time to move your body, pack a healthy lunch, or blend a delicious smoothie.

Keep in mind, when it comes to wellness, rest is super important. Just as you have a “prime time,” you also have a “downtime.” Heading to a HIIT class at the end of an exhausting day is just going to lead to burnout. Respect your internal clock. When you body is tired, maybe you choose to meditate or take a bath instead of forcing a high-energy task.

One of our favorite ways to incorporate wellness - start to recognize all the times in your day that you are already choosing to live well. For example - walking the dog, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, listening to an inspirational podcast on your morning commute, recycling, drinking water, going to bed at a decent time… babe - you’re already doing it! Wellness is not isolated to inside a fitness studio or health food store, it is all around us! When we can begin to think of all the ways in which we already incorporate wellness into our lives, it can be awe-inspiring to realize how much we actually do.

Last but not least, cut yourself a little slack. Sometimes you skip a workout, have a glass of champagne, or eat the cupcake. It’s called living. The more you obsess over it, the worse you feel. Just as wellness can be fun, life is meant to be enjoyed. Remember – it’s all about that balance.

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