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How to Fill Your Classes as a Yoga Instructor

Clear your mind.

Inhale Peace, Exhale Negativity.

Now, come back to this moment and let's chat.

How's your studio biz going? Are you filling your classes?

No? Do you find it stressful to create that "it" factor that will make everyone want to attend your classes?

Let me help you out with that. Today, I've got a few tricks and tips up my sleeve for those who are looking to fill your classes as a yoga instructor.

Ready, let's dive in!

1. Be memorable, be kind, be consistent.

How do you "be memorable"? By smiling and welcoming people in....into the class and the overall experience. You want to create an inviting vibe from the very start. This goes a long way in making people feel good when they come to your class and will make them want to keep coming.

2. Get personal (well, sort of).

Use your students names and ask about their personal lives, it makes you more personable. As funny as it may seem, humans love to hear their own names and it will make your students feel more accountable to show up when they feel like you notice them.

3. Be consistently YOU.

Always teach an authentic and consistent class. If you teach a power flow and are known for that, and then one day you aren't feeling it so you decide to teach a slow flow, your students will feel thrown off. The inconsistency can be frustrating to students who come expecting to have a specific experience. This is a chance for you to leave your baggage at the door and focus on making an enjoyable class experience for not only your students, but yourself. They came for the energy, give them that.

4. Teach them something new.

One of my teachers once gave me this advice which has always stuck with me. It's easy to get stuck in a sort of monotony when teaching for some time - try to add in one new lesson even if it's as simple as an alignment tweak you don't usually give or a chakra one of the poses is related too.

Remember, you were once a student yourself (still are to your own preferred classes). What enticed you to continually go to those classes? It'll take some time to build that consistent client base, but once you start implementing these tips and tricks....there will be savasana room only for your classes, trust me.



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