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Healthy Holiday Recipe featuring Ducktrap River Seafood

You’ve heard Bruce Springsteen’s rendition of ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ approximately 17 times just on the way to the mall, your shopping list seems to be never-ending and you’ve just about given up on what to make for that appetizer you signed up to bring to your sister-in-law’s annual holiday party.

Don’t give up just yet! We’ve partnered with Ducktrap River Seafood to give you a simple, time-saving and dare I say healthy holiday recipe.

“Started in 1978, Ducktrap River of Maine is an all-natural smokehouse located on the coast of Maine with a strong commitment to producing premium quality smoked seafood. Ducktrap sources premium-grade seafood, uses traditional smoking techniques and combines the natural flavor of custom brining recipes with the savory smoke from local apple, cherry, maple and oak woods.”

For this holiday season, while we are all attempting to balance our lives (and our diets), this Smoked Salmon Cucumber Bite recipe is exactly what we all need. Plus- it’s only 3 ingredients, they’re absolutely delicious and look fancy AF.



1 Seedless English Cucumber

4oz Ducktrap Smoked Salmon

1 Lemon: 1 tablespoon of Zested Lemon Peel


1. Wash and slice cucumber into coin slices, approximately ¼ inch in width and at a slight diagonal.

2. Cut smoked salmon slices into thirds.

3. Peel piece of salmon and gently fold in half. Place on top of cucumber slices

4. Top with a piece of zested lemon peel.

And wah-lah! You’re done. This recipe gives you extra time to get ready for the party, it’s practically picture perfect and will leave your family’s taste buds impressed and satisfied. We couldn’t think of a better recipe to share with you all! Happy Holidays!

Bonus Tip:

Be sure to serve your smoked salmon cucumber bites on a festive tray for extra style points ;-)

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A healthy recipe is manipulated for the holiday for the celebration by the people. The change of the is ensured for the turns. The concept is fit for the methods of the manners. the recipe is coined for the happiness of the ladies and men.

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