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5 Reasons You Need A Yoga Retreat

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Vacations are changing.

With our constant on-the-go-always-connected-stressed-AF lifestyles, the need to disconnect and focus on our health and well-being is ever more apparent.

Yes, there is still the desire to jet off to a tropical locale and sip piña coladas until you get a brain freeze, or, alternatively, cram literally every possible tourist activity into a five-day itinerary that you physically can. However, some are deciding that vacations could, and maybe should, look differently. Whether that means spending your entire vacation focusing on your health and wellness, or incorporating aspects of healthy vacationing into your existing plans, wellness travel is on the rise. Here at Be Well, we highly support this trend.

If you have been considering a wellness retreat for your next getaway, here are a five reasons to press the “book” button and just GO.

1. Wellness

This may seem a bit, well… obvious. But hey, when was the last time you spent an entire week focusing on taking care of yourself, moving your body every day, eating nourishing food, and relaxing? Yeah… that’s what we thought.

2. Unplug

Aside from the occasional photo-op or check-in with home, wellness retreats are the perfect opportunity to take a hiatus from your cellphone. Put it in your suitcase, zip it up, and notice how freeing it feels to simply be with yourself and those around you.

3. Connect

Once you have disconnected from your screen, you open up endless possibilities to connect – with nature, with locals, with other retreat go-ers. Look up, take in the beautiful scenery, talk to people, make eye contact! The relationships you will build and the experiences you will have will be well worth the Instagram withdrawals.

4. Adventure

Retreats are not always just about yoga classes, massages, and meditation. Often times, an element of adventure rounds out the experience. From jungle hikes to local tours to surf lessons – there will be no shortage of opportunities to have a little fun!

5. Mindset

After spending a few days focusing on yourself, you may notice changes in your mindset. Stress at home that, before you left, seemed like a really big deal may start to feel... less so. Your focus may shift from the constant need to be doing to realizing the importance of not doing. Stepping outside of your day-to-day grind, hitting the re-set button, and realizing how good you can feel when you truly take care of yourself may be just what you need to create a different perspective and realize what is most important to you.

On that note, our fearless leader, Kat, is off to Cuba to lead a yoga retreat with Yoga & Adventures Worldwide. If you missed the opportunity to go on this one, don't worry - there will be more .

Bon Voyage, Be Well Babes!

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