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5 Epic Costume Ideas for a Be Well Babe Halloween

When it comes to Halloween costumes – there are two types of people. You are either SUPER creative and plan your costumes months in advance, all the way down to the nail polish color; or you are always scrambling to pull something together a half hour before the party, #amirite?

If you happen to be in the latter group – fear not! You are SO not alone. We’ve got you, girl.

Below you will find a handful of ideas for those who are too busy chasing dreams, conquering fears, and practicing self-care to come up with a costume until the very last minute. What's even better - we’ve crafted these looks using items from some our favorite local brands paired with pieces that most Be Well babes will likely have hanging around their closest. Think cute, easy and good enough to get you through another holiday.

Modern Witch

Pull out your long, black bohemian dress and pair it with a pair of black boots. Adorn yourself with all your favorite crystal pieces from Arcana. The more crystals, the better. Add a smoky eye and some black nail polish if you have extra time. Before you head out the door, toss a pack of oracle cards in your bag and spend the evening pulling cards for party guests.


Choose your most flowery, flowing sundress for this look. Pair it with a pair of Birkenstocks and ALL your favorite pieces from Honeytribe Jewlery. Add a few braids to your hair, or even better, a flower crown. Dig out the cross-body satchel you picked up from Mexacali Blues over the summer and off you go to spread peace and love.

Fitness Fanatic

This one is easy because it’s basically ALL OF US. Match your favorite JIBE crop top with a pair of Athleta leggings, fill up your Hydro Flask, and head to the party. If you want to add a little extra flare – we love the eighties workout look: a side pony with scrunchie and some leg warmers.


You’ll need to dig out ALL of your rain gear for this look. You’re basically going for rubber from head to toe. We love the addition of an Alaina Marie bate bag clutch to stash your belongings and add a touch of glam to this costume. On your way to the party, stop in at basically any souvenir shop on Commercial Street and pick up a stuffed lobster to carry around for the evening. For added fun, embrace your Maine accent by replacing any “r” with an “ah.”


A Maine classic. The best part about this costume is the cozy factor. Put on your favorite Vermont Flannel Company shirt, a pair of jeans, and your broken in Bean boots with some wool socks. On your way to the party, pop into Reny’s for a Carhart beanie, that is... if you don’t already have one.

We cannot wait to see what you come up with! Be sure to share your Be Well costume looks with us this Halloween, tag us in your photos or show us your pics at one of our next Be Well Events. Happy Halloween, babes!

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