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What Type of Wellness Festival Attendee Are You?

We all have different styles when showing up at events and festivals. As we prepare for our upcoming Be Well Fest in January, we thought we’d have a little fun exploring the many personalities of wellness festival attendees. Read on and see which one sounds the most like you!

The Planner

You have memorized the schedule and read all the speaker bios. You know you do not want to miss the Handstand Workshop with Alexzandra Peters at 12:30pm, and you absolutely cannot wait to Kick it with Eliza Shirazi at 2:45pm. You’ve pre-ordered your lunch from B. Good, and you plan to seek out the representative from Sleep Number in the Vendor Village to chat about purchasing a new mattress. You are here to MAXIMIZE your time, and you are not going to mess around.

The Consumer

You brought your BIG purse so you can collect all the supplements and beauty samples to try at home. You have already had your fair share of those tasty smoked salmon bites by Ducktrap . Now you are on the hunt for new products and services that you can’t wait to incorporate into your wellness routine after the festival. Your only problem – the Wild Woman Circle is at the SAME TIME as the Ayurvedic Beauty Workshop. If only you could somehow go to BOTH... hmmm.

The Contributor

You are the one on stage getting cut in half at the magic show. You always have a question during Q + A. You are MORE than happy to demo in the handstand workshop, in fact - you can’t wait to show everyone how its done. You have already posted multiple selfies on the gram showing the world just how much fun you are having at the festival. Your eagerness to participate and share evokes a slight panic in your more introverted friends. However, your innate ability to put yourself out there is what draws people to you.

The SkepticYour bestie made you go... but you are not even sure you like wellness. You are basically just here because you heard there was a champagne toast. You start out the day a bit hesitant, hanging on the sidelines and taking it all in. Eventually, you start to loosen up a little (maybe it’s got something to do with all that yoga, deep breathing and positive energy). Although you refuse to admit it... you really dig the sage bundling workshop, and you are feeling quite proud of your vision board. By the end of the day, you’ve bought a ZEN AF tank top, made an appointment at Salon Lavender, and booked yourself a float session. Turns out this wellness stuff isn’t so bad, after all.

Alright, now be honest – we want to know, which one are YOU!?! Maybe a combination of a couple? Leave your comments below, bonus points if you share and get your friends to chime in as well!

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