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5 Cute AF Galentine's Day Ideas

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

FEBRUARY 14th. Valentine’s Day. A holiday some admire.. and some who pretend like it’s just another day in the neighborhood. This year, DON’T FRET- we’ve listed 5 things you and your gal pals (or S.O.) can enjoy together on this commercialized holiday. BONUS: we even added some specifics if you live in the Portland, ME area!

Whether you enjoy February 14th or you find it serves as a reminder for ‘love you don’t think you have’.. moving forward, let’s celebrate ourselves, our love for our lives, our well-being and the ones who consistently show up around us.

1. MAKE IT A DATE NIGHT OUT at your faaavorite restaurant downtown - for you and your hunny or your closest gals! Who doesn’t love getting dressed up to go out? Opt for a city skyline at the rooftop restaurant, Top of the East (prosecco and cheese boards? Yes, please) OR up on the ‘east end’, Minato, has some of the best small plates in town (you NEED to try the JFC aka Japenese Fried Chicken.) Or maybe going out after work isn’t what you’d prefer, Valentine’s Day is on a Friday so you could always celebrate over a delicious brunch Saturday morning.. say.. The Front Room?

2. HAVE A CHILL NIGHT IN at your BFFs house. Friday night after work, put some snacks like chocolate covered strawberries or herbal popcorn on pretty plates + bowls (who doesn’t appreciate an aesthetically pleasing soiree), invite the girls to come over with their comfiest clothes and bring their favorite drink (I’ve been super into watermelon kombucha, lately.. which is cute because it’s very on brand for V-Day being that it’s pink!) for a classic GIRLS’ NIGHT! Kick off your heels, clock out from the week and enjoy each other’s company.

Face masks, snacks and movies.. *heart eyes* Maybe even bust out the polaroid camera to snap some cute candid photos of the night! #Memories. Of course, you can totally do this with your S.O., as well! Everyone loves a good face mask! Speaking of, have you tried the gold hydrating gel mask from YOUTH? It has been my GO-TO for these winter months.

3. FLEX YOUR CREATIVE MUSCLE at places like a paint bar or pottery shop! What’s neat: there’s a Color Me Mine location on Thompson’s Point and it’s BYOB & snacks (Bissell Brothers is RIGHT next door!) From there, pick out your ceramic pottery piece, jam to some good tunes and get your creative juices flowin'. They have pieces ranging from ‘beginners’ to ‘I have an etsy shop’ and staff who’s eager to assist you along the way! You can also use stamps and stencils for guidance and Pinterest for inspo! Reserve a table for you and your GFs or a spot for you and your S.O. and paint the night away. When you’re done, leave your piece to go through the kiln and pick up your finished product in about 5 days! HOW FUN!? And what a great gift idea, too!

4. AFTERNOON AT THE SPA to slow it down a bit. Some of our GO-TOs: The Spa at Maine Plastic Surgery for a PRP facial or dermaplaning is a MUST! (Mention my name [SAMANTHA] and receive a generous discount! I gotchu, girl!), Soakology for their ambiance, various types of foot soaks and sweet treats - they will have you relaxing in NO time. And of course, Health Resonates for their reiki infused hydrotherapy or a full body Ashiatsu Massage! Click on these location links for even more services and specials! Whether you go solo or with a friend, you're bound to feel rejuvenated and realigned. #ILoveME

5. SCHEDULE A WORKOUT CLASS for some self-lovin’. Kick-boxing, pilates, barre, cycling and yoga (juustt to name a few) can be a great way for you to cap-off your week and sweat out the small stuff. Going with your ladies or with your S.O. can give you that little extra drive to push through and accomplish your fitness goals! You could even do one of the above ideas and schedule your class for Saturday to start your weekend off fresh and fueling! Greener Postures Yoga, Dynamics Fitness and Rêve Cycling Studio are some of our regular spots to sweat. What are yours!?

It is so important to slow down, recharge and feel the good energy around us. I hope however you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you remember: you are LOVED, you are SEEN, you are HEARD and you are ABSOLUTE magic. Happy February!



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