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Tips for Staying Relaxed and Focused Through the Holidays Featuring Health Resonates

The holidays can be such a wonderful way to relax and let yourself enjoy what feels good – food, drink, and company. The indulgence however, can leave many people feeling like they have undone healthy habits, need to detox, or take a post holiday vacation.

Corina Dunlap, ND, MS from Health Resonates has created the perfect guide to help stay focused, relaxed, and balanced during this time.

- Give yourself permission to rest. This is so hard to do in today’s busy world, but believe me, your body will thank you. Try taking more Epsom salt baths, schedule a massage, or trade foot rubs with a friend. Most importantly keep a good sleep schedule at night.

- Stay hydrated. General rule of thumb is to drink ½ of your body’s weight in ounces. This can impact energy, susceptibility for headaches, and can help the body detox.

- Know your triggers and plan in advance. For me, I know that too much refined sugar can throw my system way off. I like to prepare healthy sweets to share with others so that I don’t get roped into eating something that won’t make me feel good. There are many great resources for healthy dessert recipes. One of my favorites is Michelle Tam does a great job offering lower glycemic nutritious and tasty desserts.

- Try not to take things too personally during this time. Most people get triggered during the holidays. Understandably so with an uptick in social interactions and expectations. Plus, many people don’t feel well after over-indulging and therefore, might not say or act in the most thoughtful ways. Knowing this will help give some perspective and hopefully, allow you to move through these moments unscathed.

-Get some exercise. It really doesn’t take a lot for the benefits of exercise to help the mind! Research shows that exercise can ease tension, anxiety, and lift spirits.

-Most importantly, enjoy! Focus on the positive, surround yourself with people you love, and try not to feel guilty for letting yourself do things a little outside of the norm. Remember that your body will want to return to a state of balance again.

Happy Holidays!

*Dr. Corina Dunlap is a licensed naturopathic physician and medical researcher specializing in women’s health. Her practice is in Portland, Maine at Health Resonates. You can learn more by visiting her website at

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