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10 Wellness Trends We Love

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness industry is worth 3.7 trillion dollars globally.

Woah. So, it is safe to say wellness is trending… yes?

Wellness has become a lifestyle. The wellness industry has infiltrated almost every aspect of our daily living, and honestly, we couldn’t be happier about it. Considering some past trends (ahem… smoking, diet pills and low-fat everything) the shift seems positive.

Here are 10 of our favorite wellness trends that are H O T in the streets right now:

1. Mushrooms

The mushroom boom is real. With claims such as boosting energy and improving immune health; fungi products are now lining the shelves of every health food store around, and we totally dig it.

2. Crystals

From jewelry to water bottles to studio décor – we are loving the addition of these beautiful stones to the wellness world. Interestingly, they say crystals choose you. If you are drawn to a particular stone because of its symbolism, its beauty, or the super charge of energy you feel – know that you have been chosen!

3. The Class

It only happens in the trendiest cities: L.A., New York, Miami, the occasional pop-up in the Hamptons. Taryn Toomey’s “The Class” does not require a fancy name or a slew of classes nationwide, and that is partly why it is so damn sexy. This heart-pumping, liberating expression of energy is one of the hottest group fitness classes out there right now. But don't take our word for it - try it out yourself!

4. Community Connection

The wellness world is craving real connection. This is no surprise given the digitally focused and incredibly busy culture we live in. People are recognizing that human connection is vital, and not something that can be replaced by the internet.

If you are looking to connect (in real life) with your wellness community, join us for Be Well Fest in January, 2019.

5. Matcha

This earthy green tea is said to be packed full of antioxidants. In addition to its perceived health benefits, it also boasts a substantial amount of caffeine to sway even the most devoted coffee consumer to give it a try. Plus it's green so it feels healthy when you're drinking it, and tastes delish in latte form with oat milk.

6. CBD Oil

It’s the new, edgier coconut oil.

7. Moon Goddess Circles

Witchy women are gathering together monthly to set intentions, create rituals, connect on a deeper level and support their fellow females.

8. Digital Wellness

Remember how we said wellness was seeping into all aspects of our lives? No truer example exists than the onslaught of digital wellness. We now have apps to help us sleep, teach us to meditate, and even apps that monitor how long you’re spending on Instagram (yikes).

9. Metal Straws

Do your part to help clean up our ocean – ditch the plastic when you can and opt for reusable instead. We truly hope this trend sticks.

10. Pelvic Health

Thank goodness we are FINALLY talking about pelvic health. From pussy-gazing workshops (yes, thats a real thing) to yoga classes for the pelvic floor – the veil is lifted. Power to the pelvis!

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