Do You Want To Attract More Clients, Make More Money, And Grow A Profitable Business Using Instagram? 

It's time to be seen as a leader in your industry, build a thriving community, get more clients with ease, and truly build an influential presence online without using inauthentic tricks, building a beautiful website, or paying money for ads.

Starting November 29th

Imagine If....

  • You could make consistent and reliable sales each month by sharing what you know and doing what you love while helping others online.

  • You were able to help more people than you imagined and have testimonials and referrals pouring in from your clients.

  • You were able to create content that sells and have clients reaching out to you wanting to work with you after seeing your posts.


  • You knew how to communicate directly to your ideal clients and get paid what you truly deserve

Welcome To InstaBiz Growth Accelerator

In this 5-week group training, I’ve condensed all of the information I’ve learned over the years and created a complete plan of action for you to finally find success on IG as a sales converting machine while growing your wellness brand.


Regardless of how many followers you have or your past experience using Instagram, I’ve laid out a simple step by step group coaching program including weekly live trainings + group coaching calls, workbooks, resources, done for you templates, strategies, and scripts to make it easy for you to be successful in growing your business on Instagram.


In IBGA I teach you how to:


  • Position yourself as an authority and industry leader.

  • Clarify your niche.

  • Grow a strong community of ideal clients.

  • Eliminate stress and wasted time creating content and learn to create with ease.

  • Show up confidently to market yourself and sell without feeling sleazy or fake.

  • Collapse the IG learning curve from 5 years to 5 weeks

What's the Process?

Module 1

Setting the Groundwork for Success

So much of mastering IG for your business is moving through mindset blocks, confidence barriers, setting healthy boundaries so you show up efficiently without getting burnt out or consumed ​, and revamping your page to be able to work FOR you.

In this module, we will set a solid framework for success with tools to show up confidently and clearly.


Includes a profile makeover for success!

Module 2

Stand out!

(Niche & Branding)

Are you getting lost online? It's time to stand out and claim the ​brand recognition you deserve! 

You probably know how important it is to clarify your niche, in this module I'll be teaching you how to get laser-focused on how you show up through messaging, imagery, and color palettes so that you will be remembered and easily recognized online.

Module 3

Community & Selling on Social

(Sales that feel GOOD, made EASY + Caption Writing, Simplified)

If you're terrified of being that ​annoying or sleazy salesperson who makes people want to run away, stay tuned.


In this module, you will learn how to build a true community who is sliding into your DM's to learn more. Learn sales psychology to make selling simple, effective caption writing formulas, and the 5 ways to show up on stories that will lead to sales. It's time to make sales reliable and consistent in your biz!

Module 4


Growth done right. No inauthentic or inorganic grow quick tactics here. You will learn the dos and don'ts of growing your community organically and cultivating a tribe that will know, like, and trust you to guide them as a true industry leader. 

I will break down the best practices on growing including frequency/timing, hashtags, viral content creation, features, and the algorithm.

Module 5

Content Strategy and Measuring Success

Last but not least, you will learn how to create content with ease and success via proven strategies and tools. Learn to batch create content to save time, breakthrough writers' block, increase productivity, and measure the success that matters. Less stress, more process.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You’re a yoga teacher, fitness instructor, or wellness professional

  • You've had some success in gaining clients in person but haven't figured out how to take it online and draw in new clients through Instagram

  • You are an expert at what you do, but social media, marketing, and sales feel overwhelming, time-consuming, and stressful.

  • You want to gain more freedom in your business by leveraging an online model to be able to work from anywhere, travel, and choose your own work hours.

  • You're not sure how to stand out online and sell with confidence, authenticity, and ease.

  • You want to grow an audience and become an influential industry leader, but you're getting stuck on how to create content that converts and grows your Instagram following.

If so, InstaBiz Growth Will Help!

Don’t head into 2021 still frustrated with IG and blaming the algorithm for all your struggles. It's time to thrive!

Your Options


  • 5 Focused and Packed Modules & Masterclasses (Valued at $2,500)

  • 5 Straight To The Point Workbooks (Valued at $1,500)

  • 5 Group Coaching Calls (Valued at $2,500)

  • Private Facebook Access to Wellness Boss Babe Cohort (Valued at $1,000)

  • 3 Bonus Guest Expert Calls (Valued at $2,000)           




  • 1 90-Minute Clarity Deep Dive Session with Kat (Valued at $950)

  • 2 1:1 Coaching Calls (Valued at $1,000)

  • Boss Babe Mantra Guide (Valued at $150)

  • Be Well Hashtag Guide (Valued at $200)

  • Successful Sales Page Formula (Valued at $150)

  • Call To Action (CTA) Workbook (Valued at $150)




Bonus Material

Boss Babe Mantra Guide (Valued at $150)

A 5 page guide on mantras for success including what they are, how to use them and 50 mantras among 5 categories to prep your mind for success and manifest your goals.

Be Well Hashtag Guide (Valued at $200)

An organized and jam packed 9 page guide filled with the best hashtags in Wellness topics including Mindset & Yoga, GirlBoss, Essential Oils, Fitness, & More that you can copy and paste on the fly!

Call To Action (CTA) Workbook (Valued at $150)

A 3 page bonus workbook with done for you Call to Actions and space to build your own for more sales conversion in your copy.

Successful Sales Page Formula (Valued at $150)

A 2 page workbook and proven formula for writing your perfect sales page.

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I'm Kat and I'm the business coach for driven yoga and wellness professionals like yourself! 


After getting a BA in Psychology I worked in corporate sales and business management for several years before leaping into the full-time yogipreneur life. Over the past 5 years, I have obsessively studied Instagram and used it to market and sell my yoga classes + international retreats, grow a successful wellness events company from scratch in a new city AND build out a thriving online coaching business.

I have tried every tip and trick, done a LOT of things wrong, which led me to learn the most effective way to use Instagram to, not only build a following but build a COMMUNITY of ideal clients who will TRUST you enough to purchase from you again and again.


Now I love to teach YOU how to do the same!

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