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Alexzandra "Ali" Peters

Be Well Portland Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Growing up Ali and her sisters always enjoyed mimicking their father (who was a karate teacher) while he practiced in their basement. Her mother was a natural born acrobatic and it just so happens that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. 


After years of gymnastics and competitive cheer leading; she wanted something more. She still wanted to sweat but she wanted something that would change her, build her, inspire her daily and inspire others.  Ali began her Yoga practice in 2010. She then later completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification in 2015 at WellHeart Yoga, attends various workshops and is enrolling in her 500 hour certification this Spring!


You can catch Ali spending most of her time upside down these days on her Instagram (@alexzandraPeters) but her goal is to spread the joy that she’s found within her own practice and to teach others how they can find it to. Her teaching style is refreshing, encouraging and playful.  While still incorporating cues, and pose breakdowns to help students understand the movements of their bodies and personal growth no matter what level yogi you are.

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