It's time to thrive in your dream wellness business

You are ready to simplify but amplify your impact and income and start thriving in your dream wellness business, so keep reading...


I get it, you are feeling frustrated as a yoga/wellness professional with BIG goals and SO many great ideas but a lack of CLEAR guidance on how to achieve them and ACTUALLY make them profitable. You've listened to the podcasts, read the books and posts on social media, took the self-guided courses, and still, it's just not clicking in YOUR business or yielding the results you're craving AND YOU DESERVE.


Listen, there's no need to feel like your running in circles, brainstorming, creating workshops and marketing material just to be left wondering if you can EVER do this full time financially -  I'm here to tell you,  there IS a better way!


It's time to break the mold. You know you are destined for MORE, I'm here to help you claim it!

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Thank you so much for EVERYTHING. 


My self-confidence in my business is so much higher and everything is so much clearer now with how I want to run my business. 

While working with Kat in the Be Well VIP program, I was able to grow my following and connect with more potential clients.

I gained clarity in my business and now know exactly who I'm talking to, what I'm talking about, and how to reach my ideal client.

I would absolutely recommend Kat as a business coach. The Be Well VIP Mentorship was the perfect first step in diving into my first coaching experience and having a coach behind me to grow my business.

Before I started working with Kat, I didn't really have much of a business. When I first began working with Kat, I was succeeding in every way, even more quickly than I had imagined! 


I've learned how to market, promote and SELL over social media and with Kat's help, I've doubled my social media following!!


The biggest non-tangible result from working with Kat has been a shift in confidence. Most importantly it was the COURAGE to be able to sell something online. This shift of talking into the camera and putting my work out there has been an invaluable lesson for me!


For anyone who is looking to grow their business I would 100% recommend working with Kat and her VIP mentorship program!

Kat was really insightful to work with, she always gave sound marketing and sales informed advice, and she was also fun to work with.

The time always flew by. 


Kat made me feel like I could be creative and she helped me get unstuck.


She's a powerhouse for helping you manifest your creative ideas. She helped me to define myself and position myself as a leader. Can't say enough good things about her.


I would absolutely recommend Kat as a business coach to anyone who needs help manifesting their creative side in a real and tangible way. If you are ready to take your ideas and launch a business, you're in good hands.

I was teaching yoga and barre classes before working with Kat. I knew in my heart that I was meant for something bigger and more profitable, that would help more women. 

After my first call with Kat, I had created a list of pain points, written my mission statement, updated my Instagram bio, and started market research on Instagram. Kat has been by my side with any questions that come up and I feel supported in this process! 

I already have more clarity and direction - which started out as my biggest concern. Kat helped me discover this in just 90 MINUTES! I left feeling lighter, excited, and confident. 

I would highly recommend Kat as a business coach. She is incredibly helpful, compassionate, and encouraging all at once. She gets right to the point and progresses you through your goals, and values your time. She has a wealth of knowledge and clearly communicates with her clients.

Kat is a wealth of knowledge and offers such good organizational systems to turn thoughts into an actual offer. 

Before working with Kat I had so many ideas but I had no idea how to make it a reality.


Kat helped me create a program that flows and organized all my ideas into one cohesive offering.

She taught me how to effectively set up a sales page, create a branding palette, and batch create content, and she helped with all the logistics that I didn't know how to tackle. (Welcome emails, mailing lists, payment systems, how to set a price point, how to identify your clients, really everything.)


She helped me see my skill set and who it could help, and showed me how to connect to those people.


She taught me how to talk to my ideal client, and how to attract them. She also gave me a great deal of confidence and clarity in what I can offer, and to who.

In the Be Well VIP Mentorship, I'll Teach You How-To

  • Shatter limiting beliefs and build confidence

  • Gain massive clarity around where you are, where you want to be, and the steps you need to take to get there

  • Simplify the process of reaching your income and impact goals

  • Learn how to position yourself and sell online

  • Move rapidly and intentionally towards your goals

Wondering If This Is Right For You?

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This Is For You If:

  • You are a yoga teacher, fitness instructor, or wellness professional (service provider, coach, etc.)

  • You are ready to take action in up-leveling your business 

  • You are willing to try new approaches and change the mindset patterns that have been holding you back

  • You are ready to grow your community online 

  • You know you were made for more and are ready to impact more people with your unique gifts

  • You are excited (and maybe a little scared) to commit to your growth

  • You are ready for greater ease and fulfillment in your business

NOT For You If:

  • You have no desire to connect deeper to your community or reach a bigger audience

  • You are unwilling to change your perspectives

  • You are unwilling to prioritize yourself or your business

  • You think social media is a waste of time and energy

You Don’t Have To Stay Stuck For Another 90 Days:

  • Worried you don't have enough experience with technology to succeed online.

  • Feeling frustrated, doubting if you can even make enough money to quit your day job.

  • Feeling like you'll never “make it”.

  • Lacking the confidence in yourself to take a leap or stuck in comparison mode wondering how “they” became so successful.

  • Having SO many great ideas but struggling with organizing and executing them.

  • Stressed out about where to focus your energy or even where to start.

  • Getting sucked into the IG scroll hole instead of taking that time to create your own content.

It’s time to be the CEO of your life and business at every level.

To be able to travel, have time with your family, AND make enough money to live how you want. You are SO worthy of the life and business you LOVE!!!


It IS possible for you, but you have to take the chance on yourself. If not now, when?


Book your intro call now and qualify for a FREE VIP ticket to Be Well Fest 2021($75 value)!!

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I'm Kat

I help driven yoga teachers and wellness professionals go from overwhelmed and frustrated to clear, confident, and connected to their community through 1:1 coaching, group masterminds, and online courses. After getting a BA in Psychology I worked in corporate sales and business management for several years before leaping into full-time wellpreneurship by teaching yoga and creating community wellness events via my company, Be Well Events. I am now super passionate about empowering ambitious wellness leaders like YOU to step into your own power and monetize your magic. 

The Be Well VIP Mentorship is my signature 90-day wellness business accelerator of high level 1:1 support to provide you with personalized guidance. I hold you accountable for reaching your goals. I guide you through the steps to take for collapsing the time in your business growth & connecting to the work you were created to do.

Let's Be Friends

Connect with me on Instagram @katcynewski

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