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Are you a wellness boss babe ready to make a serious impact & income ?

Hi, I'm Kat Cynewski Founder and CEO of Be Well Events and a 500hr certified yoga instructor. I went from working an energy-draining corporate sales job into full-time freedom through my yoga & wellness business.


I know what it's like to be super frustrated as a yoga instructor/wellness professional with big goals but a lack of guidance on how to achieve them and ACTUALLY make them profitable. If you are pulling out your hair putting in the work just to be left wondering if you can EVER do this full time financially - there's a better way!


If you are ready to simplify but amplify your impact and income then stop the frustration and start thriving in your dream wellness business.


It's time to break the mold. You are destined for more and you've come to the right place! I'm here to help <3

So you're ready to end the frustration & start monetizing your magic?

Let's do this!

3 Month Be Well VIP Mentorship

If you're ready to start/scale your wellness business this is for you!

Inside The Be Well VIP Mentorship, I work closely with only the most driven AF yoga instructors and wellness entrepreneurs to help you achieve more freedom in life and business while feeling clear, empowered, and passionately connected to your work.


  • 3 months of intensive coaching with me as your guide, cheerleader, and co-creator

  • 8X 50-minute strategy sessions via zoom

  • Recordings and notes organized in a private folder for all sessions to reference back to

  • Voxer support for questions, accountability, and celebration between calls

  •  A truly transformational container of support to guide you in shifting mindset, increasing momentum, and deeply connecting to your work

  • Options to assist me in events, retreats, and trainings as available

Click below to submit your application and schedule an interview to explore if we're a match. *By application only*

90 Minute Clarity Deep Dive

The 90 Minute Clarity Deep Dive Intensive is the perfect place to get the support you need in gaining clarity on your brand, strategy, and core offers. This service includes one week of follow up voxer support.

Topics Covered:

  • Defining or refining your brand

  • Core offer creation

  • IG Content & Visibility Strategy

  • Business Plan & Strategic Goal Setting

$497 Investment

(tax-deductible for your business)

Click the link below to book your session or learn more!


Thank you so much for EVERYTHING.


Honestly, my self confidence in my business is much higher and everything is so much clearer now with how I want to run my business. I was so nervous taking that dive into my first coaching program, but I'm SO glad that I did.


You helped me so much and I'm so much further than I where I thought I'd be this year in setting up my business.


Before working with Kat.. I had an idea of what I wanted to do with my business and I knew the target audience I was looking for. But I was really struggling with reaching that target audience. I didn’t know where or how to find them. My content on IG was also very scattered, not nailed down to the business that I'm working to create.


While working with Kat in the Be Well VIP program... I was able to grow my following and connect with more potential clients that ever before! I created a 6 week core program along with other sales funnels and the tools Kat gave me really helped me develop a clear vision for success in my business!

I gained clarity in my business and now know exactly who I'm talking to, what I'm talking about, and how to reach my ideal client. 


I'm now more confident on social media planning and execution.

I would absolutely recommend Kat as a business coach. When I felt low, she was right there motivating me. When I was succeeding, she was right there cheering me on! The Be Well VIP Mentorship was the perfect first step in diving into my first coaching experience and having a coach behind me to grow my business.

- Kim B.

Before I started working with Kat, I didn't really have much of a business. I was teaching yoga at gyms and studios, but I couldn't quite get the courage or motivation to create my own business opportunities.


When I first began working with Kat, my main focus was on live classes and workshops. She helped me start teaching at a premier studio in my area, making contacts through studios and other venues and growing my social media following. I was succeeding in every way, even more quickly than I had imagined! I had outlined several live workshops and events. I made connections with managers and owners of venues and I had my first wine/yoga workshop all booked. And my social media following was growing at a steady rate!!!


When the Coronavirus hit and shut everything down Kat helped me switch gears and I started live Instagram yoga classes as a way to stay connected and build social media. I've created a YouTube channel with some free content, I've created a private Facebook group, and I've also developed and started selling 21-Day Splits Challenge!!!!


I've learned how to market, promote and SELL over social media and with Kat's help I've doubled my social media following!!


The biggest non-tangible result from working with Kat has been a shift in confidence. In the beginning, it was the confidence in my teaching skills/workshop-leading skills and in building new contacts with brick and mortar businesses for events. Since the shift over to online/virtual classes, it's been gaining confidence to be in front of the camera (which was not easy),the confidence to master technology (that was otherwise foreign to me), the confidence to build relationships and be part of a support system for people online. Most importantly it was the COURAGE to be able to sell something online (that I created) to a bunch of strangers. This shift of talking into the camera and putting my work out there has been an invaluable lesson for me!


For anyone who is looking to grow their business I would 100% recommend working with Kat and her VIP mentorship program!

- Danielle F.

Before working with Kat.. I was struggling with being consistent and confident with my brand.


While working with Kat in the Be Well VIP program...I increased the amount of outreach to my community and began creating my own mental health educational guide and workshop. I also started a website and a Facebook page and started planning my first event. 


I now feel more confident in every aspect of my business. I also feel supported through Kat and I would highly recommend Kat to anyone as a business coach. She pushed me to focus on my goals and to challenge my limiting beliefs. She also helped me know my own worth as a yoga instructor and helped me strengthen my belief in myself and my offerings. Thank you for your guidance and support! It has been amazing working with you Kat! 

- Brittney P.

Let's Be Friends

Connect with me on Instagram @katcynewski

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